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Local car shop installing shields since uptick in catalytic converter thefts

Texas is ranked #2 in the country for catalytic converter thefts according to State Farm Insurance.

have paid more than $70.6M to customers to help them recover from catalytic converter thefts. Texan’s share of that? Nearly $12M.

What makes these catalytic converters so valuable is the metals used to make the catalytic converters include platinum, palladium and rhodium. This is what thieves sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars per ounce.

For those who aren't able to get a shield installed, State Farm spokesperson Ben Palmer recommends staying aware of your surroundings and park your car or truck in a safe place.

"Park and well lit areas and areas with a lot of traffic. If you park behind a building or in a dark area, you're inviting somebody to come and do something to your vehicle. Other options include pinning your pin-number onto the catalytic converter itself, that way it's a deterrence. If someone tries to sell it, it could be traced back to your vehicle," Palmer mentioned.

If your catalytic converter has been stolen, police say filing a report with them is also a big tool in cracking down on this growing trend.

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